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What you should know about Form CC 104-R

  1. Form CC 104-R is essential for Army ROTC program processing.
  2. It provides a projected academic plan for eligibility assessment.
  3. Required for students aiming for commissioning in the Army.

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How to prepare Form CC 104-R

Step 1
Open the Form Cc 104 R in the editor to see the content in the template. You may proceed and download a blank form or complete and submit it online in a few clicks.
Step Two
Multiple modifying instruments could be used to change the structure and content in the template. To finish the form, you will need to go through each fillable box.
Step 3
Sign the papers if required and click DONE. All modifications will probably be stored, and the template will be ready for delivering. Choose the handiest choice for sharing the file.

About Form Cc 104 R

Form CC 104 R is a document used by companies or organizations to report injuries or incidents that occur in the workplace. It is typically used by employers to comply with regulatory or legal requirements related to workplace safety. The form includes detailed sections where information can be provided regarding the nature of the incident, injuries sustained, individuals involved, and any relevant witnesses or details. It may require a description of the incident, the date and time it occurred, and any actions taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. The form may also require signatures from both the reporting individual and their supervisor to validate the accuracy of the information provided. This form is necessary for companies or organizations that are mandated to maintain records and report workplace incidents to regulatory bodies, such as governmental agencies or insurance providers. These requirements may vary depending on the local laws and regulations governing workplace safety. Properly documenting and reporting incidents helps companies track workplace safety trends, improve safety protocols, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

How to complete a Form CC 104-R

  1. Provide student information including name, academic major, credit hours, academic school, and GPA
  2. Fill out the host school information for each term including course number, title, credit hours, credits that count towards degree, and grades achieved
  3. Review all courses listed and ensure they are required for degree completion
  4. Sign and date the form
  5. Complete the Statement of Understanding on the reverse side of the form

People also ask about Form CC 104-R

What is the purpose of Form CC 104-R?
To provide information necessary for administering the Army Senior ROTC program.
What authority oversees Form CC 104-R?
Title 10 US Code 2101 and 2104.
How many remaining academic years are required for completion?
Two remaining academic years.

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In addition to the subjective enjoyable practice that the digitally filled out Form Cc 104 R produces, online editing is hassle-free and quick. The online blanks specifically establish the fields essential for completing. An entire array of instruments is at your disposal: checkmarks, dates, and signatures. You are able to write your lawfully binding e-signature or generate it entering text. Handle files 24/7 from anywhere in the world out of your cell phone, pc tablet, or computer.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form CC 104-R

Instructions and Help about Form CC 104-R

Today we'll cover the DA form 10 for our planned academic program worksheet this is a brief tutorial or overview that will help assist you in creating your academic plan through graduation here's the top left of the form we have the name of the student last name first name middle initial the academic major today we're going to use Business Administration the CIP code which you can get from a senior or returning cadet or one of the cadre members at your campus the academic school University of Southern California that is the host program and here's the feiss you can also get from one of the representatives at the school for credit hours you can click between semester or quarter depending on what type of school or which school you attend here it's the total required for degree and without getting into great detail on the naps this is basically just a course breakdown a credit breakdown of transfer credits credits towards the degree credits from rotc but ultimately it's this bottom number that really matters the number of authorized semesters or quarters that determines how many semesters or quarters you have until graduation so the army can plan on how many officers it will have at that time before moving on to the rest of this form I'd like to show you how to find your academic plan based on the major you choose for USC business administration I'm going to I'm going to go back to the catalog 2015-2024 you can see here that it has the different different groups but I'm going to use the USC marshall school of business i'm going to go to undergraduate degrees and about halfway down the page it has a complete breakdown from freshman to senior year year 1...